Moonshine presents: Tika • Ouri • Casey MQ

Showcasing music culture at it’s most uplifting & inclusive frequencies

Moonshine presents
TIKAOuriCasey MQ

Doors • 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Casey MQ • 8:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Ouri • 8:45 pm – 9:30 pm
Tika • 9:45 pm – 10:30 pm

○ TIKA (Toronto)

TiKA is an artist, creator, activist. Classically-trained musician and performance artist, she is widely known for her work in a diverse range of projects, from her breakthrough role in Trey Anthony’s “‘da Kink in my Hair” to frequent appearances on MTV’s “The Aftershow,” to TiKA’s own “The Known Unknown,”. She’s also the force behind #Baregyal/Gyalcast (listed in The Fader as the #1 Canadian DIY Media Collective You Should Know).

Tika’s innate musical talent allows her to effortlessly create a safe space in a dangerous world for her audience. Her sound, heart and creativity are somehow able to transport the crowd while guiding them on a journey through her world, encouraging, nurturing, and guiding them in their search to better understand themselves. She is psychedelic and a hypnotist.



Ouri is an electronic producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist. She started playing harp and piano at 6 years old and shortly after, cello at Rueil-Malmaison conservatory. After moving in Montreal in 2009, she started producing then begun studying electronic music in 2012 at the University of Montreal and composition in 2015 at Concordia. She released few tracks in collaboration with CRi, Odile Myrtil and released her first EP Maze in may 2015.

++ Special guest:


Toronto’s pianist/vocalist/guitarist Casey MQ – real name Casey Manierka-Quaile – switches between melancholic soul and neo-orchestral movements, groove-laden electronic pop and piano-based ballads dripping with sadness and drama. Beyond his solo work, he has spent time as a songwriter-in-residence at the Canadian Film Centre, where he has composed original music for a number of films. A classically-trained pianist, he began learning his craft at the age of eight. Last year he was a resident at the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal.

+ 10 $
++ Doors at 7 PM
+++ Higher frequencies and glows


Moonshine & Lighter Than Air Showcase – CMW 2018

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C$ 12.50

Moonshine, Lighter than Air and CMW present

7:30PM – Jaiden Davis-Jones
8:30PM – Raayon
9:30PM – Mind Bath
10:30PM – ABAKOS
11:30PM – Kae Sun
12:30 – Nate Husser
1:30 – Bonbon Kojak

$12.50 in advance /// $15 at the door

2018.05.09 -

Moonshine XLIII


C$ 10.00 C$ 15.00

Presale is now closed. Tickets available at the door.

Kruger originals presents

The first Saturday after every full moon

++ This edition’s guests :

○ Hitmakerchinx (LA, USA)

○ Karim Olen Ash (TO)

○ YAYA (Obsolète)

○ Pierre Kwenders

○ Odile Myrtil

○ Bonbon Kojak

○ Hosted by Aquabaabe

○ Visuals by BOYCOTT

+++ African house, deep house, baile funk, coupé décalé & percussions until very late

//////////// Limited capacity ////////////////////
\\\\\\ SMS 5146135811 for location \\\\\\\\
//////////// NEW LOCATION ////////////////////
$10 before midnight
$15 from midnight til 1am
$20 after 1am
No smoking \ No byob
With the generous contribution of Absolut this month, the first 100 people will receive a free vodka drink with their cover. Absolut supports inclusive nightlife communities and the causes they care about to help create a better tomorrow, tonight.

2018.05.05 -

Moonshine XLII x RAIL UP


C$ 10.00 C$ 15.00

Kruger originals presents

Moonshine x RAIL UP
The first Saturday after every full moon

++ This edition’s guests :

○ Kelman Duran (Rail up / LA)

○ FOREIGNER (Rail up / LA)

Dinamarca (Stockholm)

Bambii ( Toronto)

○ Jerico


Bonbon Kojak

○ Visuals by BOYCOTT

+++ African house, deep house, baile funk & percussions until very late

//////////// Limited capacity ////////////////////
\\\\\\ SMS 5146135811 for location \\\\\\\\
//////////// NEW LOCATION ////////////////////
$10 before midnight
$15 12am – 1am / $20 after 1am

No smoking \ No byob

2018.04.07 -

Moonshine presents Riobamba


Rail Up #19: Moonshine (Los Angeles, CA)

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C$ 8.00

SMS for location +1 213 296 1060

Tickets at the door.

Rail Up #19: Moonshine

Sat. March 24 @ 10pm

Pierre Kwenders
Paul Souljoyce
Kelman Duran


2018.03.25 -

Bonbon Kojak – Espoir 2018 Vol. 3